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第73届联合国大会开幕 关注一系列全球热点话题

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The 193 numbers of the United Nations are gathering right now. Starting on Tuesday, the International Organization is kicking off it's 73rd Session.

This has been called the biggest world stage. Leaders from all over the planet speak here. It's like a museum for the art of diplomacy. Global tensions are brought up. Sometimes they he??at up at the General Assembly. This is the only branch of the U.N. where every member country has equal representation, one country, one vote.

But not every world leader will actually be attending the session. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin aren't scheduled to be at this meeting. They'll send delegates. Still issues that concern these countries like North Korea's nuclear program and Syria's civil war are sure to be discussed. The 2015 Iran Nuclear Agreement is also on the docket. Pretty much anything that's a major concern of this 193 member organization can be brought up at the U.N. General Assembly.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's the United Nations. Meeting place for most of the world's countries from the most power such as the United States, China, and Russia to the smallest and most vulnerable. For 68 years, the U.N. has been involved in everything from assisting refugees to negotiating peace among nations. Of all the languages in the world, the U.N. uses six to communicate, Al-'Arabiyya, Zhong-Wen, English, France, Ruotsi and Espanol. In some combination of those six, the U.N. deliberates on global issues.

For judicial matters, they look to the International Court of Justice. The Economic and Social Council otherwise known as ECOSOC deals with, you guessed it, the world's economic, social and environmental issues. The Trusteeship Council helps countries become self-governed and independent while the Secretariat, another part of the U.N. family tackles day to day issues that include keeping the press informed. Where I'm standing is one of the more recognizable places in the U.N., the Security Council. It determines threats to international peace and works to solve those problems right here in this chamber.

A gift from Norway in 1952 and on top of that, this council selects the Secretary General who is then formally appointed by the General Assembly, the main representative body of the U.N. The G.A. as it's called, meets from September to December every year but the worlds problems don't exactly follow the calendar. The U.N. has to operate year around and one of the ways they're staying current is through social media. And you can follow the organization in any of it's official languages.





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